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Recovering Women: Feminisms and the Representation of Addiction. Boulder:
Westview Press, 2000.


Journal Articles

“The feral film habit of OJOBOCA,” Journal of Environmental Media, Special Issue: ‘Cinezoonosis’, 4.2 (2023): 187–212.

“Gestational Filmmaking with ART:  An Odd Pair,” Portable Gray (University of Chicago Press). 5.2 (Fall 2022): 278-291.

Feminisms and the Jewish Mother Syndrome: Identity, Autobiography, and
the Rhetoric of Addiction.” Discourse. 19.1 (Fall 1996): 105-130.

“Reflections and Projections on American Feminism and Culture: An
Interview With Gloria Steinem.” With Susan Biesecker-Mast. Iowa
Journal of Cultural Studies.
15 (Spring 1996): 9-21.

Magazine Articles and
Exhibition Reviews

“Cory Arcangel at Team Gallery,” Flash Art International 39:251 (Nov-Dec

“Tamy Ben-Tor.” Contemporary Magazine 89 (Nov 2006).

“Martha Colburn at Stefan Stux Gallery,” Flash Art International 39: 248
(May/June 2006).

“Katherine Sullivan at Metro Pictures.” Flash Art International 39: 246
(January-February 2006).

Rita Ackermann at Andrea Rosen Gallery.” Flash Art International 38: 245
(November-December 2005): 89.

“Malcolm Morley at Sperone Westwater.” Flash Art International 38: 243
(July-September 2005): 73.

“Johan Nobell at Pierogi 2000.” Flash Art International 38: 243 (July-
September 2005): 74.

“Christoph Draegler at Roebling Hall” Flash Art International 38: 242 (May-
June 2005): 94.

“Amy Globus at D'Amelio Terras” Flash Art International 38: 242 (May-June
2005): 95.

“Jun Nguyen-Hatsushiba at Lehmann Maupin Gallery,” Flash Art
International 38: 241 (March-April 2005): 53.

“Phoebe Washburn at LFL Gallery,” Flash Art International 37:239
(December 2004): 76.

Between Past and Future: New Photography and Video From China at
International Center of Photography and the Asia Society and
Museum.” Flash Art International 37:238 (October 2004): 66-67.

“Dexter Dalwood at Gagosian Gallery.” Flash Art International 37:238
(October 2004): 125.

“Tom Sachs at Sperone Westwater.” Flash Art International 37:237 (July-
September 2004): 115.

“Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller at Luhring Augustine.” Flash Art
International 37:236 (May-June 2004): 139.

“Tyson Reeder at Daniel Reich Gallery.” Flash Art International 37:235
(March-April 2004): 107-108.

“Jovi Schnell at Derek Eller Gallery.” Flash Art International 37:235 (March-
April 2004): 60.

"Paradise Lost and Found: Review of Paradise Now: Picturing the Genetic
Revolution at Tang Teaching Museum, Saratoga Springs, NY."
Afterimage 29.4 (January/February 2002): 12.

Catalog Essays

 “Sight Lines: Sara Eichner,” exhibition catalog essay. New York: Sears
Peyton Gallery, 2007.

“On Being the Only ‘American’” for “Revolving Door: ISCP <-> Asia. New
York: Chambers Fine Art. 2003.

“Beyond the Flâneur.” Co-authored with Yasufumi Nakamori. New York:
ISE Cultural Foundation, 2003.

“The Cinema Files: Images of Women in American Collage Film” in Some
Assembly Required: Collage Culture in Post-War America.
Piché and Mark Durant, eds. Syracuse: Everson Museum of Art,


Other Publications 

“Entering John Jamelske’s House” (portfolio w/ Marion Wilson). Stone Canoe. 1.1 (Spring 2007).

"Film Stills from Mercedes: Here Lies the Heart." Salt Hill 10/11 (Fall/Winter 2001/02). 

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