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 Village of the Damned 

 16mm, 4:30 minutes, 2010  

No demands?  What do they want?  Why are they here? This is a hand-processed camera roll shot around occupied Zuccotti Park in September, 2011. An observation of direct democracy and DIY tactics activating a link to history and spectacles of mass demonstration from earlier eras. 


The title and opening music are references to the 1960 version of the film, Village of the Damned, quoted in an essay by Greg Sholette that highlights the effective and unsettling ways in which OWS established a link with the deliberately misunderstood, dispossessed, and discarded:   " . . . from sleeping bags to makeshift shelters, virtually everything that the ‘quality-of-life’ city detested about the vanquished liberal welfare city . . . " 

For Distribution

2013 “now what #2,” Microscope Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.

2013 “Gatherings,” Le Petit Versailles, New York, NY.

2013 Experiments in Cinema V8.53, Albuquerque, NM.


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