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The Anosmia Project

Phases I-IV, digital video, 2:29, 3:00, 3:39, 2:49 minutes respectively, 2002 

The Anosmia Project explores the logic of smell and attempts to create an experience of smell for those who cannot. The origins of The Anosmia Project lie in the fact that half of my family has a congenital disorder called anosmia -- the inability to smell.  The various “Phases” of The Anosmia Project include performative “examinations”; interviews with family members; and interviews with renowned “smell experts.”  Shown individually, in series, or as installation, the “Phases” investigate how one lives in the absence of, arguably, our most primal, evocative sense.

For Distribution

2003 Athens Film and Video Festival, Athens, OH.

2002 Sans, Apexart, New York, NY.

2002 Everson Museum of Art Contemporary Film Series, Syracuse, NY.

2002 Colgate University Dept. of Art and Art History, Hamilton, NY.


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