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 Midwood Movie 

 16mm Film + DV to DCP, 75 min., 2024  

Midwood Movie is a feature experimental documentary about both a Brooklyn neighborhood and about motion pictures and their development. Shot over 12 years entirely on and around the former site of the American Vitagraph Company which began producing silent films there in 1906, the film digs through layers of cultural history, presenting an array of individual accounts of the site’s varied uses along with subjective appraisals of its importance. While excavating manifold media forms and formats, the film encounters artifacts and artists entangled in histories of harm and intolerance. In so doing, Midwood Movie contextualizes media and its monuments as a charged cultural milieu.

Midwood Movie is the third film in a trilogy of “Midwood Films” in which the director explores the possibilities for making discursive and material manifestations of culture and history present in media practice and place.

Official Selection, Prismatic Ground, 2024

For Distribution
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