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graduate course
Animating Resistance:  The Subversive Art of Experimental Animation

The heterogeneous set of practices and complex blend of visual art and (post)cinema that has informed the work of experimental animation since the early 20th century continues to open ever-expanding possibilities for understanding and making media. The animated image offers the potential to subvert, disrupt, distort, destabilize and critique formulations of human and non-human; defying and expanding limits of perception and material existence; challenging categories of gender, sex, race, nature, nation, labor, and self; and breaching boundaries of movement in time, and space. Throughout this hybrid seminar/studio class, we study experimental animation as an historically and culturally situated varied form, tendency, and social practice while working through creative prompts that combine materials, processes, and approaches, exploring both digital and analog techniques.

Img credit: Sabrina Sooknanan

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